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Centre for Rheumatic Diseases is involved in Ayurveda research since a decade. Experiences of several drugs trials initiated study of various clinical research methods suitable to principles of Ayurveda. CSIR-NMITLI drug development program added to our learning as we studied several clinical and diagnostic variables of Ayurveda and their relation with conventional efficacy parameters.

The NMITLI data supported our conceptual studies and we have proposed a vision and method to demonstrate ‘equivalence efficacy and superior safety’ for Ayurveda using Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis as models. We actually practiced the learning in NMITLI and successfully completed trial of equivalence to demonstrate equivalent efficacy of Ayurveda drugs in randomized double blind multicentric trial.

After NMITLI program, we continued discussion and study of research methods and their relevance to Ayurveda, which is key are for any Ayurveda based clinical research. The efforts from 2002 naturally led to formation of Research Methodology Group (RMG).

Vision and Objectives
Research Methodology Group is non-profit, academic platform involving physicians, experts and scientists for research on ‘Research Methodology’.

The objective of this group is to study research methods and designs and their appropriateness for various research questions. We aim to provide methodological support for Ayurveda and Complementary Medicine related research.

RMG is contributing for development of Ayurveda – Modern Medicine Interface for research through meticulous studies.

Ongoing Projects and Activities
RMG is involved in various activities related to studies, data generation and publications. Key ongoing activities of RMG are:

1.   Methods to study ‘equivalence efficacy and superior safety’ in trials
2.   Statistical methods for Ayurveda trials
3.   Conceptual study on ‘Safety Index’ for quantitative evaluation of safety in clinical trials (a paper)
4.   Cochrane review of ‘Ayurveda interventions for Rheumatoid Arthritis’ (meta-ananlysis of trials)
5.   White Paper on ‘Current Status and Future Directions of Ayurveda Clinical Research’ (an initiative with Institute of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine, Bangalore)

Brief info:
Dr Girish Tillu (M.D., Ayurveda), has worked as senior research fellow in Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences under CSIR - New Millenium Indian Technology Leadership Initiative program for Ayurveda based drug development for Arthritis.

Girish is associated with Research Methodology Group, Centre for Rheumatic Diseases, Pune and Institute for Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine for development of research methods and reporting standards suitable for Ayurveda.

He is Group Leader in Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, (C-DAC) Pune, and working on R&D projects in 'Informatics and Integrative Medicine' domain.

His area of work includes Rheumatology, metabolic diseases, research methodology for clinical research, Ayurveda and Informatics.

Contact Details:,

Mobile no: +919850026597


Hermes Doctor House, Hermes Elegance, Convent Street, Camp, Pune – 411 001, Maharashtra, India.
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