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The aim is to orient a budding clinical rheumatologist to other allied subjects of relevance. This will lead to a better understanding of the basics of rheumatology and an interdisciplinary approach in clinical practice. The young rheumatologist must be encouraged to nurture research inclinations and indulge in medical writing and presentations.
The modules will be completed under supervision of specialists during the training. Trainee will be assessed after completing every module. The modules on anatomy, imaging and laboratory will be completed prior to other modules (in no particular order). Allotment and monitoring of progress will be carried out by the training coordinator..

Fellowship Training Module Details
Sr. No.
Brief Description
1 Clinical Rheumatology (OPD) Practice based detailed rheumatology examination including thorough history taking, physical examination, clinical evaluation, evaluation of diagnostic investigations and management. Entire training and discussions during weekly structured teaching sessions CRD 1. Dr Arvind Chopra
2. Dr Vaijayanti Lagu-Joshi
3. Dr Nachiket Kulkarni
4. Dr Vinaya Kunjir (JIA).
2 Anatomy Musculoskeletal system (MSK)-spine & joints, cartilage, motion, surface anatomy 2 months
(twice a week)
Medical College Senior Anatomist from the Department of a Teaching Institute in Pune
3 Imaging Plain Skiagrams, USG, CT scan, Isotope studies, MRI scan, PET; besides MSK, some study of chest, abdomen and CNS. 6 months
(twice a week)
CRD, Dr Naik's clinic, Jehangir Apollo, Uniscan 1. Dr Parvez Shaikh
2. Dr Pradeep Naik
4 Laboratory Routine diagnostic tests, acute phase reactants, RF, anti CCP, ANA, ds DNA and other CTD/ vasculitis autoantibodies, Chikungunya arthritis markers (cytokines etc). Hands on bench practical on Lab techniques such as ELISA, nephelometry/ turbidometry, Immunofluorescence, synovial fluid analysis using polarized microscopy, Molecular biology (DNA extraction, PCR). 6 months
(twice a week)
CRD 1. Dr Raju Rane (Haematology, Biochemistry & Histopathology).
2. Dr Anuradha Venugopalan (Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Biology)
5 Physiotherapy and Life style modifications Non-pharmacological management such as physiotherapy, diet and lifestyle related training 6 months
(twice a week)
CRD 1. Dr Saloman Kurane (Physiotherapy)
2. Ms Manjit Saluja (Diet & Lifestyle)
6 Emergency care Focus rheumatology; specially chest, cardiac, neurology and circulatory; general life supportive Depending on the cases seen during the training Jehangir Apollo ICU Intensivist, Chest physician, Neurophysician
7 Renal Biopsy and dialysis Hospital/clinic Senior Nephrologist
8 Chest Scans, PFT Hospital/clinic Dr Nitin Abhyankar
9 Neurology NCV, EMG Hospital/clinic Senior Neurophysician
10 Gastroenterology Endoscopy Hospital/clinic Senior Gastroenterologist
11 Biological Infusions Training on administration and monitoring of biologics such as TNF inhibitors, Interleukin inhibitors, B cell depletors/ inhibitors, 18 months (throughout the training period) Usha Nursing Home 1. Dr Arvind Chopra
2. DrKiran Adam
12 Community practice, Research/ Epidemiology To work in the community in village Bhigwan* with special focus on epidemiology of rheumatic diseases, conducting surveys and trials 6 months
(once in 4-6 weeks)
CRD, Gram Panchayat, village Bhigwan 1. Dr Arvind Chopra
2. Dr H S Tandale (Bhigwan)
3. Dr Nachiket Kulkarni
4. Ms Manjit Saluja (Community Service/Patient Related Outcome)
13 Biostatistics Basic statistics, Statistics for drug trials, publication analysis 6 months
(Once a week)
CRD Dr Sanjeev Sarmukaddam
14 Database and electronic clinical record maintenance Training in data entry of case records into the CRD referral practice software, familiarizing in data mining etc. On a daily basis on commencement of independent examination of patients in the referral clinic CRD 1. Mr Deepak Songoji
2. Dr Ravi Ghorpade
15 Setting up clinic Practice related issues including administration, finance, e-data. Six didactic sessions of 1 hour each prior to completion (15-18 months) CRD Dr Arvind Chopra
*Note : Village Bhigwan is the site of WHO-COPCORD (Community Oriented Program for Control of Rheumatic Diseases) Project which CRD is conducting since 1996.
Hermes Doctor House, Hermes Elegance, Convent Street, Camp, Pune – 411 001, Maharashtra, India.
020-26348529, 26345624, 26344099